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Party Poker

Posted by pokerwinner | poker | Wednesday 1 May 2013 7:05 am

PartyPoker is one of the most popular online poker rooms nowadays, in particular for new poker players looking to discover the game. Party used to be the number one poker room on the Web, but after they decided to withdraw from the U.S. market, they have lost market shares and are now number three, behind pokerstars and full tilt poker.

If you want to have the energy to play long hours of online poker, you need to add supplements to your diet, including green coffee bean extract supplements. These dietary pills have also the added benefit of helping you lose some weight as they inhibit the release of glucose in the blood stream. So if you take Internet poker and health issues seriously make sure you exercise regularly and add green coffee to your intake.

Because of its huge success with new European players, you can make good extra money by playing poker at Party Poker. Because Americans are absent, the games are overall easier even at mid to high stakes. As long as you apply discipline, you can profit from other players who mostly just want to have some fun after work. So you can make money at it, and this is why physical and mental condition are important to put up the hours necessary to make a seious income from it.

It is our pleasure to propose you a 100% poker bonus for your first deposit, up to $500. You can convert the bonus into real cash by playing online poker at real money tables, ring games or tournaments. This is one of the advantages of signing up at Party. Grind your bonus, it cashes quite fast. In order to be allowed to get this poker bonus at party poker, simply input BONUSPARTY in the field for “Bonus Code” when you sign up.

Do not forget to input the PartyPoker Bonus Code BONUSPARTY to make sure that you can qualify for the 100% bonus, up to a substantial $500. Once the sign up process is completed, you will get an email with a link for validation of your email address. Then you will be ready to start playing at one of the best online poker rooms on the Internet.

This is one of the best online poker bonus out there, so do not miss this great opportunity. And remember to stay fit, this is how the great players are made.

The monster hand

Posted by pokerwinner | poker strategy | Monday 12 December 2011 7:22 pm

The monster hand in poker. What a rush of adrenaline when we get it. Not too often though.

It is always nice for a player to get four of a kind, a full house or even a flush or a straight on the flop of course.

Indeed in the situation where you hold A5s and the flop comes AA5, the edge of each additional bet in the pot is almost 100%. Therefore it is crucial to maximize the size of the pot. On the other hand it is more complex to manage a small straight or flush at the flop. In this case, you have a very good hand, but it is still very vulnerable.

If you have quads or a full house at the flop, you want to maximize the size of the pot. Accordingly, you should call instead of raising if there are still two or three players behind you. However, you can play more aggressively if you were the pre flop raiser. On the contrary when you are the button and there are several callers already, it is essential to raise as the many callers will usually have sufficient pot odds to call.

If you get a flush at the flop, it is very good but all flushes are not equal. For example it is very different on a flop of K85 of hearts to have a hand like AT of hearts or T7 of hearts. Thus if you have the nuts flush, you have no other option but to slow play hoping that a heart appears at the turn. On the contrary if you do not have the ace, it would be a mistake and you have to play aggressively at the flop and even more at the turn where it is possible to make the chasers fold their draws.

It is difficult to know the best strategy if you flop a straight. Holding AKs, there is nothing to worry about with a flop of QJT rainbow and slow playing it is essential except when facing a maniac. Conversely, holding K9 with a flop QJT, slow playing would be a mistake. With a vulnerable hand, you must seek to reduce your opponents’ pot odds. Rarely slow play your straights, especially on a two-tone flop with two opponents or more. This is the weakest of the monster hands and you must bet and raise aggressively to protect it.

Good Luck to you and your monsters. Use a PokerStars bonus code 2014 if you want to play at the poker room with the largest game selection of the largest online poker tournaments on the Internet.

Online casinos enjoyment

Posted by pokerwinner | online gambling | Tuesday 2 August 2011 8:11 pm

This is the middle of summer now and probably that is the slowest period of the year for online casinos. Unless you live near Antarctica, it is very hot in most inhabited locations with temperature at thirty degrees Celcius or above. And most people prefer taking some time out in the sun enjoying this good weather rather than spending hours in front of their computer playing a game or two of online blackjack or Caribbean Stud.

Hence attendance at online poker rooms and online casinos is at its lowest in August, but there are nevertheless millions of people still involved in these money games for adults. Yes some people may enjoy a few spins of the roulette wheel later at night when the wife is already asleep in bed after a long day drinking Margaritas under the tropical heat. Or for the unlucky ones in the south hemisphere like Australians or South Africans, then it is the winter for them and this is when they play the most online poker and online craps among other games.

Whatever your location, if there is one sure thing, it is that the online gaming landscape is rapidly changing and it is better to keep informed with websites specialized in online casino reviews than to have a bad surprise. For example a number of online gambling operators have left the US market since April following the crackdown by the Department of Justice. Some sites are closed as they are under investigation, while others have decided to shut down for good in order to avoid any problem with justice. Even though running an online gambling operation is not technically illegal, a 2006 law named UIGEA makes it illegal to perform money transfer related to online gambling activity, putting any online casino owner at great risks to be one day indicted by the FBI. So a number of online casinos such as GoCasino or Millionaire Casino have taken the safe route and ended their business, transferring back all their money to their players.

In other countries like France, Italy or more recently the UK, the Government have either implemented new regulations or are working on them regarding online gaming. Germany, Poland, Australia or Spain are just a few more working on it and it seems that most developed countries are in the middle of revamping their outdated gambling laws. So make sure to read a review before you decide to send money somewhere. Fortunately there are still plenty of online casinos available all over the world.

Rules of the Game of Bingo

Posted by pokerwinner | online gambling | Sunday 26 August 2012 11:21 pm

Like most of the casino games the game of Bingo is a game that needs sheer luck to make you profits.

It can turn out to be quite a fun and an exciting experience to more players if the cash prizes and the gift prizes offered to the lucky winners are juicy. People tend to make visits to play the game of bingo in the halls where a huge section of players participate. In such situations, the prizes often get bigger and attractive.

The game of bingo is such a game which has fathomed popularity since a very long time. This game has been played around in France, United Kingdom and even in Germany for a long time. Both the offline and the online version of the game are available to everyone.

As a matter of fact, online bingo can turn out to be real fun if you haven’t given it a shot as yet. But the most important thing to remember when you play such games is to pay attention to your bankroll management. In other words make your bets cautiously.

As stated before, the game of bingo can be played in the halls particularly designed for that purpose. some churches also hold weekly and sometimes monthly bingo gaming events.

Bingo is played making use of a 5×5 matrix cards which have letters and numbers. The number and the letter combinations are called out once they are randomly selected, and the players mark all of these combinations off once they manage to get their 5×5 card.

Players continue checking off all of these combinations unless they are called to be getting a line that runs down, horizontally, or diagonally. A point arrives in the game when the winning players get to say “breaking the bubble”. This is the initial possible point in the game of Bingo where a person can manage to win a combo.

Whenever a player manages to get 5 in this very combination, he proclaims aloud “BINGO”. Then in order to validate the player’s combination, it is then matched or cross checked and if it is accurate, they will ideally win a prize. If a person proclaims loud bingo without being in the possession of a valid card, or if it is way too premature in the game to even be a possibility, then it is termed as the “jumping the gun”.

So, these are the fundamental things one need to know before jumping into playing the game of bingo online or offline.

Migrating to online casinos

Posted by pokerwinner | casino | Saturday 17 March 2012 1:38 am

Sometimes traditional real casino players feel fear to tread into online casinos!

As blackjack is popular in real physical casinos, it holds even a grander place in virtual internet casinos. As a good result, more and more people desperately flock to the online casinos of the internet, wherein they not only experience a rather fun and thrill time yet most of the buddies come with good earnings. Despite the great popularity of online blackjack, there are still many people who regularly visit real casinos for playing blackjack or other casino games.

Modernization never concerns to these folks and they want to be in the place always where they have been previously. So when one pinches them to play blackjack online, some of them have a paranoid fear of losing their money as they look with an eye of askance at these casinos. But there is no reality in their expression or if you have doubt, you can take stock of the statistics and arguments that take up the cudgels of many and many online casino site.

When playing blackjack online, to be fair in words, you are dealing with a live virtual dealer. There are no chances of cheating in the game as hidden security cameras serve the purpose of checking any irregularity. On the other hand, the casino managers are even at the best hand in securing your blackjack experience. Now it is obvious to say that “To err is human” that rather suits to the traditional real casinos, while in virtual online casinos, most of the things are run by computers. So now you can easily conclude which type of casinos are rather safer.

Yet another plus point to play blackjack online is that online casino sites offer nice extra prize money, bonuses and other sharp perks. Besides this, the house edge is usually lower in the virtual online casinos, giving players more chances of making money.

One thing is clear, if you are playing at even a fairly reputable online casino site, you will like to play there very often. Then, in the eventual course of time, you will find that you are making and losing it the gambler’s way: with bonuses. If you have not played blackjack online, give it a try instantly today!

Taking a Break from Poker

Posted by pokerwinner | poker | Saturday 12 November 2011 4:02 pm

I love to play poker. I play almost every day, often for hours at a time. I’m amazed sometimes at how much good it does me to get away from the tables for a while. Especially if I’m having a bad run of cards or experiencing bad beats (remember drunkards, nobody gives a damn about your bad beats).

Do you ever notice that your aces get cracked by some knucklehead who calls your gigantic pre-flop or post-flop raise with his K9s, only to draw out to a flush, usually on the river. I recall a time when I busted out of a weekly tournament two times in a row when I went all-in preflop with pocket Kings and then the third week I busted out of the same tournament when I went all in post-flop with pocket aces. The villanous caller had pocket 77 and hit trips at the turn. It happens to all of us from time to time.

Such is this game we have the love – hate relationship with. Sometimes it just does a body good to get away from it all. Once when I was experiencing a bad run I decided to take the weekend off. I went to the Oregon Coast and spent the weekend beachcombing and doing the whole tourist thing. When I returned home I found that my game improved and the cards were definitely running better.

Some top players recommend scheduling time away from poker on a regular basis. Now, I haven’t been disciplined enough to do that but I do take time off now and then to travel. I work out regularly playing racquetball and running. I’m currently training for 5K runs during the upcoming running season. I also enjoy riding motorcycles both on the road (Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide) and off road (Yamaha TTR 225). You see – I do have interests other than poker although poker does get more of my time than the others.

Try taking a little break when the cards just aren’t going your way. Do something else. Do something relaxing and fun. Spend time with your loved ones who you’ve neglected during long hours spent in the poker games. You may be surprised how much good it does your body, your mind and your poker game.

UK Gambling Commission Reports

Posted by pokerwinner | casino | Tuesday 5 April 2011 2:19 pm

Well if someones says that it was a slow year for the UK Gambling Commission, he must be not so well informed, because the latest publication of the UK Gambling Commission’s executive summary shows that it has done a great job regulating all gambling-related activities in the United Kingdom, from the small pub to the modern online casino. After doing a job like this, no-one could say that the UK Gambling Commission is ineffective.

The Commission’s publication throws more light on the gambling industry statistics, with the 2010 Prevalence survey concerning problem gambling issues, this report providing even deeper statistics regarding gambling and also more details about the Commission work itself.

The executive brief gives more comments on cases connected with high-risk problem gambling behavior, and provides explanations how more often information is being used to extend future research. Matching against the gambling activities of Britons with those gathered by Commission, which now runs under completely new regulations, analysts will be able to better understand about gambling behaviur and of course the efficiency of the regulatory framework being in use from now on.

Concerning the latest gambling operations, the Commission gave gambling licenses to some 3,428 operators and has handed out almost 4,200 licenses for conducting gambling activities by last year. The recent summary reports concerning gambling activities show that 68% of Britons take part in at least one form of gambling (in comparison to 72% from 1999), and almost one-third of them participate in the National Lottery.

Further statistics show that only 4% took a part in any online casino or poker betting activity, while the percentage of problem gamblers did not change from 1999. The sectors of spread betting, fixed odds terminal betting and exchange betting of the gambling industry show up the highest prevalence of problem gambling.

Note that the UK is one of the largest gambling market in the world, and one of the most free.

Poker in Prague

Posted by pokerwinner | poker | Saturday 18 December 2010 4:28 pm

There are a lot of casinos in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The name Prague comes from the old Slavic word praga, which means a ford, in referrence to the geography of the city on the Vltava River.

The native name of the city, Praha is also related to the modern Czech word práh meaning threshold and a legend relates the city name to the Duchess Libuše, a mythical ancestor of the inhabitants.

But not a lot of poker. When Angela and I saw a banner which read Texas Hold’em just off of Wenceslass square, we went into Casino Banco to explore. There were not any games at that moment, their Czech national team was playing in the World Hockey Finals, but the manager promised us there would be a winner take all freeroll the next day for 2000 crowns ($80).

When we got to Casino Banco for the freeroll the crowd was still a bit thin. Apparently the World Hockey Finals weren’t quite over. After a delay of a half hour, the freeroll went off with nine players, all tourists with little interest in hockey. Angela played tight, and won the first post of the freeroll, I played loose and won the whole thing. The other players were mostly poor to average. There were two young guns one of which kept spewing percentages till he was out of chips. The other took second.

After the freeroll I played 100/200 crowns ($4/$8) No-Limit Holdem for a couple hours. The game was short handed, never having more than five players. The other players were the standard low limit types. One guy regularly raised pre flop, then folded to my three-bets. After the game broke, he snuck up to me wearing a big grin and commented “Those guys were all really bad!”

Sometimes even the fish get lucky. Anyway it was nice to play poker in this remote location and Prague is a very nice city to visit.

Shannon Elizabeth signs at Merge

Posted by pokerwinner | online poker | Saturday 2 October 2010 12:41 pm

Merge Gaming Network recently signed on star Shannon Elizabeth as a sponsored pro for their top poker room Carbon Poker. Other poker rooms have briefly sponsored Shannon Elizabeth in the past however Carbon Poker is excited to have the star on board at the Merge Gaming Network.

Most people know Shannon Elizabeth as “Nadia” from the 1999 cult classic “American Pie”. Even though acting is her first and main career Shannon Elizabeth takes poker seriously enough to consider it her second career.

Shannon Elizabeth has not done too badly with her poker career as she has had some outstanding performances on the poker table. Shannon Elizabeth first made a name for herself in 2006 when she beat out 84 poker professionals and celebrities to win the Caesar’s Palace Celerity tournament for first place earnings of $55,000.

Elizabeth didn’t stop there; she went on to cash in over 4 separate events between the 2006 and the 2007 World Series of Poker tournaments. Shannon Elizabeth’s best run at a poker tournament had to be at the 2007 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Shannon Elizabeth dominated through four rounds knocking out big time professional players like PokerStars’ Barry Greenstein and the flamboyant Humberto Brenes. Shannon Elizabeth made it all the way to the semi finals where she was knocked out by Paul Wasicka who went on to win the whole tournament. Shannon Elizabeth raked in $125,000 in earnings for her performance at that tournament.

Shannon wasn’t always a poker player. Elizabeth started out her film career with the movie “Jack Frost”. She didn’t reach her superstar celebrity status under her role as the sexy “Nadia” in “American Pie”. There was a provocative scene in the movie that made millions of guys in the world fans of Shannon Elizabeth. Shannon Elizabeth has also had many other roles in movies like “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”, “The Grand”, and she has made several appearances on the famous television show “That 70’s Show”.

Carbon Poker was looking to add star power and poker skills to their roster and they found it with Shannon Elizabeth, the poker slash actress superstar. The Merge Gaming Network is amongst one of the biggest poker networks online in the world; surely it is a poker home worthy of Shannon Elizabeth. Look out for Shannon Elizabeth on Carbon Poker blogs and in Carbon Poker videos.

5 Card Draw

Posted by pokerwinner | poker | Monday 23 August 2010 1:48 pm

5 Card Draw is a simple poker game that reigned as the most popular version of poker in America for almost one hundred years following the Civil War.

Although today it has been overtaken by the No Limit excitement of Texas Hold’Em, 5 Card Draw holds classic appeal as a game with poker rules that are easy to learn and understand but that is still interesting to play.

The game begins with an ante, where each player places a small predetermined amount of money into the pot to get the ball rolling. Starting with the player who is to the left of the dealer, each player is dealt five cards, all face down on the table. Once the players have picked up their cards and examined them, the first round of betting takes place beginning once more with the player to the dealer’s immediate left.

After the first round of betting is complete, those who remain in the hand (who haven’t folded) are given the option to trade in one, two or three of the cards from their hand for new cards drawn from the deck. If a player has an Ace in hand, all of the other four cards can be traded in but the player must show the dealer and the other players that he or she really does have an Ace.

You don’t have to trade in any cards at this point if you don’t want to – for example, if you’ve already drawn a particularly good hand then it is probably better to “stand pat”, meaning you keep the cards you were initially dealt.

Once everyone has received their new cards after trading in and has a full hand of five once more, another round of betting takes place again starting to the dealer’s left. Finally after this round of betting players reveal the hand they have got and the best hand is the winner of the pot.

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